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General Applications
  • Pigment Manufacturing : It includes manufacturing of chrome yellow and orange, barium chromate and others.

  • Leather Tanning :  Used in leather tanning in a simple process which takes less time and the leather produced is more heat and wear resistant.

  • Metal Treatments : Certain metals when dip-cleaned in solutions containing sodium dichromate and acids, become corrosion resistant and get a uniform and untarnished surface.

  • Textile Dying : One of the added features of Sodium Dichromate is that when used on textiles, it helps to form relatively permanent colours are.

  • Wood Preservation : Used by the wood preserving industry in combination with other chemicals. It works as a protection shield on the wood from termites, fungi and also increases its fire resistance. It acts as a binder to bond with the other chemicals, which are toxic to termites and fungi and helps in providing protection to the wood.

  • Oil Well Drilling : Used as treating agents in drilling mud systems.

  • Pharmaceuticals : Used in Brufen drug and Dapson Drug. Also used as an oxiding agent in the manufacture of products such as Vitamin K.

  • Further Applications : Used in manufacturing of products like Chromic Acid, Potassium Dichromate, Chrome Oxide Green and basic Chrome Sulphates. Also used in the preparation of coloured glasses and glazes.