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Sodium Dichromate is one of our principal products. We are acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers of Sodium Dichromate Crystal by continuous Rotary kiln process. Our production capacity of Sodium Dichromate is 3600 MT per annum.

General Information

As per Indian Standard First revision of the year 1951 by the Inorganic chemicals sectional committee, Sodium Dichromate contents was raised to 98.5% and the limits of impurities of Sulphates and calcium compounds and the limit of free combined water were reduced.

In the second revision, requirements of the matter insoluble in water and PH were added in order to ensure absence of chromate in dichromate.

In the present revision the limit of sodium dichromate has been further upgraded to 99.00% and the limit of moisture has been changed to 13.00%

Product Information- Sodium Dichromate
Product Name : Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate (Crystal)
Chemical Formula : Na2Cr207. 2H2O
Molecular Weight : 298.0
Odor  : Odorless
Appearance : Red Orange Crystals
Bulk Density : 77 to 90 lbs. per cubic foot
Specific Gravity : 2.35
Melting Point : 350C
Solubility : Soluble in water at 20 C 54% w/w.
                          at 100 C 74% w/w
CAS Number : 7789-12-0
Chemical Characteristics : Sodium dichromate is an oxidizing agent and reacts with a variety of other chemicals, both organic and inorganic.
Packaging :

50 kg. HDPE bags with polyliner inside (standard) or as per customer demand.

Storage : The product should be stored in a dry place.