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Chrome Oxide Green is an inorganic pigment with an olive-green hue which provides a high level of opacity.

Our pigment grades of chrome oxides are superior to other green pigments by virtue of their stability and performance. They are unaffected by acids, alkalis and possess excellent durability against light, harsh weather and high temperatures.

Product Information- Chrome Oxide Green
Product Name : Chrome Oxide Green
Chemical Formula : Cr2O3
Solubility in water : Insoluble
Molecular Weight : 151.99
Appearance : Fine green powder
Bulk Density : 0.7g/cm3
Melting Point : 1900°C
CAS Number : 1308-38-9
Chemical Characteristics:

Insoluble in water and organic solvents. Chemically inert, only reacts with strong or oxidizing acids and alkalis at elevated temperature.

Outline Concept of
determination chrome oxide chromium :

Chromium Oxide is estimated by converting it to chromate and titrating with potassium permanganate solution after allowing the chromate to react with a known excess of Ferrous ammonium sulphates solution.

Packaging :

50 kgs. Mild Steel drums with inner coated & sealed airtight

Storage : The product should be store in a dry place.