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There is an endless list of experts truly responsible for the commendable success of Lords Chemicals. The management of the company not only knows how to use their expertise at the right places but also how to inspire the rest of the members to give in their best.

Mr Ajay Kumar Jain
Managing Director

Mr Ajay Kumar Jain joined the group business at a very early age, thereafter he concentrated all his efforts in exploring new opportunities of business of the group in other areas. It was his long cherished dream to form a public ltd co. and to establish a big chemical manufacturing plant in the state of West Bengal. Ultimately his dream has been materialised and Lords Chemicals Limited started its journey. He is the Managing Director of Lords Chemicals Limited. Due to his untiring efforts and under his commendable leadership the company has earned a well repute in the field of chemicals and has become the largest manufacturer of chrome based chemical products in eastern India. He spends his utmost time in looking after the finance and marketing aspects of the company.

He also holds positions of importance in a couple of other business units of the parent company. He is the director in the board of AKJ Minerals Ltd which deals in mineral exports and in Mahavir Coke Industries, which manufactures low ash met coke.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain brings with him experience of almost 25 years in handling manufacturing aspects of the Groupís LAM coke business and also expertise of financial management. His presence in the Board helps focus on the new areas of business that the company plans to take in future.

He has also had experience of handling cement manufacturing and coal tar pitch manufacturing through the other companies of the group.

Mr. Navin Kumar Jain

Mr. Navin Kumar Jain started his business career with the Low Ash Met Coke manufacturing units of the group. Gradually he has earned a remarkable experience of the operational aspects of production units. As a director he looks after the administration, technical, production aspects and also day to day affairs of the company.

His continuous encouragement to the production and technical wing has helped the company to achieve desirable level of production and to yield high quality products keeping parity with the market demands.

His valuable guidance has contributed in maintenance of cordial relations, safety and security in the plant and made the employees competent in facing all challenges.

He plays key role in the business units of the parent company.

Mr. Partha Majumder
Whole-time Director

Mr Partha Majumdar who is functioning as a whole time director has an experience of eighteen years. He extends his support in the technicalities of production mechanical sides and also environmental aspects of the plant. He Co-ordinates with all the government departments in regard to the plant. He also provides necessary guidance to the R&D wing and quality control department.

Mr. Amar Sinha Ray
Independent Director

Mr. Amar Sinha Ray handles all matters of finance and ensures that the already lucrative business multiplies financially in the years to come. He also boasts of an experience of twenty years.