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General Applications
  • Electroplating Application: The largest use of Chromic Acid is in the electroplating industry. Electrode position of Chromium both as decorative and hard chrome plating are done with Chromic Acid only. A wide range of metals and plastics are electroplated to produce a durable tarnish resistantance and high lustre finish. In case of hard chrome plating- when much thicker fairs and fine surface finishing is required for heavy industrial applications, only at that time functional chrome plating is referred to as hard chrome plating.

  • Wood Preservation: owing to the recent phenomenon of global warming wood preservation has become a necessary part of our daily lives, in order to prevent the destruction of trees. Chromic Acid used as one of the basic ingredients required for wood preservation. It acts as a protective binding biocide, and protects the wood against insect and fungal attacks. In certain climates untreated wood lasts only for a period of six months when in contact with the ground, whereas the lifespan of treated wood can be over 30 years.

  • Other Applications: Uses of Chromic Acid includes domestic appliances, plumbing fixtures and automobile accessories Apart from that it is also used for Corrosion Inhibitor, Copper Stripping, Textile Mordant, Colored Glasses, Metal cleaning, Ceramic Glazes, Photography, Anodizing, Tanning, Paints & Inks, Metal working machinery, Cutting tools. It can also be used as dilute solutions for inhibition coating on metal surfaces and as an oxidizing agent for organic chemicals and laboratory reagent.