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Chromic Acid is also known as Chromium Trioxide or Chromic Anhydride. It is hygroscopic in nature and forms a saturated solution of 62.6% CrO3 at 25C. Though it is an acid, a diluted solution of it exerts a protective action on the metal surfaces like mild steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, brass, etc at room temperature, by the formation of a thin passive film.

At Lords we have a sophisticated flaker machine and also a temperature control device which are in compliance with the stringent quality standards. Sodium Dichromate which is required in the production of Chromic acid is also produced by Lords chemicals and thus helps in ensuring a high and consistent quality of Chromic acid.

Product Information- Chromic Acid
Product Name : Chromic Acid
Grades : i) Electroplating Grade

ii) Analytical Reagent Grade
Chemical Formula : CrO3
Molecular Weight : 99.99
Odor  : Odorless
PH : 1.5-1.9
Melting Point : 197C to 387C
Specific Gravity : 2.7 @ 20C
Bulk Density : 1.7g/cm3 approx.
CAS Number : 1333-82-0
Appearance :  
i) Electroplating Grade :

Dark reddish granules of flakes. Approx. 2mm in diameter.

ii) Analytical Reagent Grade :

Dark Brownish red crystals of granular powder.

Caution :

Fire and Explosion Hazard

Chemical Characteristics : Soluble in Water (62% w/w @ 20C), forming a strong acid which is corrosive and oxidizing. Decomposes oxygen with further heating.
Packaging :

50 kgs. Mild Steel drums with inner coated and sealed airtight.

Storage : Can be stored indefinitely without deterioration if the seal is kept intact. Keep away from inflammable organic matter and use in cool place.